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Baosteel 1580mm FM Sectional Descaling Box Passed Hot Test
2011-12-22 09:36:42

November 2nd 2011 witnessed the successful hot test of Baosteel 1580mm finishing mill sectional descaling box revamping project which was engineered by CISDI.

The No.2 descaling box of Baosteel 1580mm finishing mill requires prompt revamping to overcome significant strip temperature drop, high descaling water consumption and power consumption.

The revamped descaling header of No.2 descaling box features sectional design, which allows open/closing of headers in different sections depending on the strip width, contributing to higher energy efficiency. Moreover, the descaling striking force is increased by lowering the header spraying level, contributing to less temperature drop in decaling procedure, and hence better descaling efficiency.

With concerted efforts, CISDI completed the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning in only five months, allowing the hot on-load test to be carried out on schedule.

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