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EP Order from Yanshan Steel For No.1 Slab caster
2011-12-05 11:33:50
EP Order from Yanshan Steel For No.1 Slab caster
No.2 Slab Caster of Yanshan Steel

No.2 slab caster of Yanshan Steel (for slab thickness of 180~320 mm and width of 1200~1800 mm) was put into operation in April 2011. Being satisfied with the performance, the Owner decided to launch No.1 slab caster project in succession and CISDI became the obvious supplier. The EP supply contract for No.1 two-strand slab caster was concluded by and between CISDI and Yanshan Steel at end of October, 2011.

No.1 double-strand slab caster of Yanshan Steel shall be implemented with several CISDI proprietary core technologies, such as online mould width adjustment, hydraulic oscillation, break-out prevention & thermal imaging system, dynamic control of secondary cooling, automatic remote control of segment roller gap, soft reduction, basic automation and process computer control. Notably, auto mold powder feeding device developed by CISDI shall be applied for the first time to ensure proper lubrication between mould wall and slab shell and to allow unmanned operation.

This slab caster is designed to produce 2.1Mt/a qualified slabs with thickness of 180~260mm and width of 800~1800mm, with steel grades covering low-alloy structural steel, piping steel, shipbuilding structural steel, steel for high-rise building, steel for boiler and pressure vessel, structural steel for bridge, high weather-resisting structural steel.  

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