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CISDI Air Mist Cooling System Starts Operation in NISCO
2011-09-02 03:32:22
CISDI Air Mist Cooling System Starts Operation in NISCO

The air mist cooling system developed by CISDI in-house was successfully put into operation in plate mill heat treatment line of Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., and the on-line air mist cooling control model developed by CISDI which is the first one in China has proven effective.

Focusing on the client’s demands, CISDI has taken pains in improving its technical service capability for better product quality. Aiming at breaking the bottleneck of using only manual or empirical data control for air mist cooling system, CISDI developed its proprietary on-line air mist cooling model to provide full auto control of air mist cooling system which can ensure the system control level and accuracy. Meanwhile, it can control the water flow continuously to ensure adequate cooling rate for different steel grades and product sizes, and can calculate the accurate swing cooling time by the model so as to precisely control the plate temperature at exit.

The air mist cooling device is installed in the heat treatment furnace delivery roller table in NISCO, and is intended to cool the hot plates leaving heat treatment furnace to the target temperature as required by the consequent procedures.

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