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TISCO 300,000m3 BFG Holder is Functioning Well
2011-08-17 03:28:23
TISCO 300,000m3 BFG Holder is Functioning Well

Since its start up on July 15, 2011, the 300,000m3 BFG holder supplied by CISDI on EPC basis for Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has been working well, with piston inclination, lifting speed and gas leakage rate better than the designed level. The gas holder further reduces the gas and pollutant emission from TISCO.

Before the installation of this BFG holder, BFG in TISCO was regulated largely by one 300,000m3 BFG holder, and COG by gas-fired boilers. In case of production condition variation or system maintenance, a lot of gas has to be exhausted directly into the atmosphere due to insufficient regulation capacity. The installation of new BFG holder will eliminate the necessity of gas emission even in those cases. As calculated, the BF gas emission will be reduced by 51 million cubic meter (equivalent to 5,800t standard coal) annually. SO2 emission is reduced by 170t, NOx by 30t and dust by 5t annually.

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