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The 165,000 m3 BF Gas Holder of Shuicheng Steel Putting into Production
2011-07-11 09:09:46
The 165,000 m3 BF Gas Holder of Shuicheng Steel Putting into Production

                         The Second New-type Gas Holder Supplied to Shuicheng Steel on EPC Basis

March 25th witnesses the successful initial operation of newly-built BF gas holder of Shuicheng Steel. Currently the performance figures of this gas holder have all satisfactorily met the requirements stated in Technical Specifications, which concludes CISDI’s another success of new-type BF gas holder supplied to Shuicheng Steel on EPC basis.
The EPC contract was inked on March 1st 2010, and the foundation construction of gas holder was completed on July 20th 2010. November 11th 2010 witnesses the initial floating up of the piston and on February 13th 2011 the piston reaches the bottom (top) of the gas holder. The leakage test and quick lift & quick-drop test was completed this March 15th, till then the gas holder was well prepared for the operation. On March 25th 2011, the gas holder was put into operation successfully, which marks the completion of construction within this EPC contract scope with one month ahead of the project time limit.
The specifications for this gas holder are: volume: 165,000m3; operation pressure: 10KPa; diameter of inner wall: 51.2m; total height of gas holder: 106.5m. The construction period of this project scheduled as 12 months after the acceptance of “Three Supplies (electricity, water and road) and Leveled Ground’. The project triggered by the startup of construction on April 23rd .CISDI has completed all the important TOPs upon schedule and requirements with zero record of safety accident. CISDI’s professional engineering and excellent quality won high appreciations from the headquarter and power plant.
The new dry-type gas holder with piston and thin-oil rubber sealing cylinder (POC type) design is patented with CISDI independent intellectual property rights, which features with high gas storage pressure, good sealing performance, long service life of sealing device, stable operation of piston, quick lift and drop of piston, and low cost for operation and maintenance. The basic structure of gas holder consists of steel plane floor and thin-sheet cylinder body, H-shaped steel column, steel piston for sealing, and steel traverse, gas holder top and ridge ventilator for reinforcing the gas holder body.
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