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Successful Load Test of Bayi Steel No.1 Slab Caster Built by CISDI on EP
2011-03-26 05:22:44
Successful Load Test of Bayi Steel No.1 Slab Caster Built by CISDI on EP
Bayi Steel No.1 Slab Caster

March, 24th, 2011 witnessed successful load test of Baosteel Xinjiang Bayi Steel No.1 single strand slab caster, built by CISDI on EP basis. During the test, all equipment operated normally and performance data reached design requirement with test steel grade Q235, section 220mm×1530mm, casting speed 1.0m/min and 3 heats per sequence.

The owner, Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Co. showed its satisfaction towards the startup, highly appraised design quality and level of CISDI and gave full acclaim to the hard work spirit of CISDI project team.
CISDI undertook plant design, package equipment supply, EIA design and technical services etc in the Bayi Steel No.1 slab caster project. Since its start in May, 2010, various difficulties brought about by severely cold weather in Xinjiang have been overcome thanks to joint efforts of CISDI project team and various construction units. So, the smooth startup of the project indicates success of another friendly cooperation project between CISDI and Bayi Steel. Previously, Bayi Steel No.2 and No.4 casters built by CISDI on EP were put into operation and passed acceptance test.
The project applied advanced technology developed by CISDI such as mould hydraulic oscillation, electromagnetic stirring in secondary cooling area, dynamic soft reduction, secondary cooling water dynamic model and strand quality assessment model. CISDI, relying on the project, made research into the mold on-line thermal width adjustment technology. Currently, the technical research and sample equipment manufacturing is finished and sample equipment test run is under way. Afterwards, it shall be put into official use.
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