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Heating-up of Reheating Furnace No.1 for WISCO 1700 mm HSM
2010-12-10 05:17:37

December 1st witnessed the smooth heating up of RHF No.1 for WISCO 1700 mm hot rolling mill. Thus the technical revamping project for four RHFs of this HSM contracted by CISDI Industrial Furnace Co. (A subsidiary of CISDI) on EPC basis were fully completed.

The WISCO 1700mm hot rolling mill was the first introduced HSM plant with world level in China. After 30 years running, it could not meet the requirements of modern production because of high consumption, backward combustion control system and low waste-heat recovery rate. Fortunately, WISCO chose CISDI to fulfill the revamping task.

After the revamping of four RHFs, it has been decreased from 2.22 GJ/t to 1.65 GJ/t for combustion consumption per ton steel in 1700mm HSM plant, with RMB 0.4 billion of cost saving. Meanwhile, the CO2 emission is decreased by 0.1787 million tons per year, realizing the target of energy saving and emission reduction in WISCO.

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