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China’s first enclosed stockyard fully made of color coated stainless steel sheets contracted by CISDI on turnkey basis goes into service
2017-08-17 09:57:17

On August 11th, 2017, the environmentally-improving modernized stockyard of Taiyuan Iron & Steel Corporation (TISCO) went into service. The project, contracted by CISDI on turnkey basis, is the first eco-friendly stock yard fully made of stainless steel color plates in China.

As one of the key environmental improvement projects of Shanxi Province and Taiyuan city, the province seat in north China, the project was to enclose an area of approximately 66,5000 square meters, covering 6 stockpiles in the primary material yard, the integrated stockyard and two tripper areas of TISCO. The primary material yard comprising three zones, was enclosed by curved steel lattice shells, with enclosure space up to around 59,300 square meters. In order to minimize the influence that the project might impose on the storage of the material yard, the three zones were built with spans of 108.5m, 124.5m and 82.3m respectively, and the maximum height of the vaults up to 48m. When the enclosure work was done, it could interact with the existing windproof and dust suppressing meshwork of TISCO to achieve a dust suppression rate of 96.75%, thus effectively reducing fugitive emissions of dust.

The lattice shells used in the project were enveloped by sheets of new ultra-pure ferritic stainless steel developed by TISCO independently. Compared with common color coated steel sheets, this type of stainless steel sheets features longer lifetime, better mechanical properties, less maintenance, lighter weight, better look, etc. For the project where the stainless steel was to be applied for its first time to an eco-friendly stockyard in China, CISDI purchased one tailor-made color coated stainless steel sheet molding machine - the first one of its type in China, which eventually turned out satisfactory products after several experiments.

The project was supposed to be executed while the stockyard was in use to ensure the normal operation. Characterized by short construction duration, wide working area and big number of the intersections, the project was very demanding in terms of technology and quality. In spite of the difficulties, CISDI orchestrated various jobs so that the latticed frames were installed in 110 days, purlins installed in 75 days and color coated sheets in 54 days. The color coated sheets installed per day amounted to 1800 square meters on average, more than 2000 square meters during peak periods, both breaking the records set by the constructors.

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