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Triumph of Hot Test Run of 90t EAF at VKS Plant in Vietnam
2015-10-14 11:31:49
Triumph of Hot Test Run of 90t EAF at VKS Plant in Vietnam
EFI Delivered 90t EAF for VKS Plant in Vietnam

The 90t EAF at VKS plant in Vietnam triumphed over the once hot test run and smelted the qualified liquid steel. It was an EPC-based Mini-Mill project undertaken by Japan’s SPCO in an annual target of 500,000t billets of low carbon and alloyed steel. SPCO entrusted Electric Furnace Institute (EFI), a subsidiary in Xi’an under CISDI Group, for shouldering the detail design, package supply, and technical assistance and commissioning services. The meltshop contains 1x90t/64MVA EAF, 1x90t/14MVA LF, 1xfully-automatic alloy charge system, 1x180,000Nm3/h dedusting system, and other auxiliaries (stock basket, ladle, ladle car) and EIC (HV, LV and automation control) system. All the design drawings should be delivered in 3D making and SPCO’s specified format; all the manufacture and inspection of equipment should be executed in accordance with SPCO’s standards.

EFI applied the self-developed impedance-control electrode automatic regulation system for ensuring the reliable and steady operation of equipment, exercised the enclosed and high-chemical-energy smelting mode and realized high degree of automation control.
Challenged by the wide scope of package supply and rigid demand of end user, EFI exerted painstaking efforts in research, design and manufacture on its own strength, and delivered a satisfactory large-tonnage electric furnace to the end user and SPCO.
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