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Shaogang No.6 BF Revamped Quickly and Reliably
2015-09-24 11:25:12
Shaogang No.6 BF Revamped Quickly and Reliably
Shaogang No.6 BF after Revamping
Shaogang No.6 BF Revamped Quickly and Reliably
Shaogang No.6 BF Tapping
Shaogang No.6 BF Revamped Quickly and Reliably
Shaogang No.6 BF Top Charging Equipment

The Shaogang No.6 blast furnace was smoothly started up after revamping which had been contracted to CISDI on EPC basis. It was a brownfield rebuilding project, requiring new furnace proper (reusing original tower structure), new casthouse and casthouse dedusting and other utilities at the demolished old parts. It applied CISDI-developed top charging equipment (gearbox excluded). The revamped furnace has a volume of 1,050m3, hot metal output of 900,000t/a, and spending 120 days for taking a new look.

Succeeding the revamping of Handan Steel No.4 BF on EPC basis, the Shaogang No.6 BF had been directed to presenting a quick and reliable stance on the stage under CISDI’s masterly organization. No matter design or construction, CISDI had every unit, from proper, top, casthouse and its dedusting to other utilities, prepared for structural and configuration convenience in the interest of fast or ahead-of-time construction.
The brand-new No.6 BF at Shaogang can be technically and equipment leading in the domestic fellow producers. Its startup made the following rewarding conceptions come true:
1   Top charging equipment and tilting chute, independently developed and manufactured by CISDI;
2   Fully lined with cooling staves, and high-heat zone using cast-steel staves;
3  Composite structure of ceramic pad and carbon brick at furnace bottom and hearth;
4   Flat casthouse platform, designing 2 tapholes, single rectangular structure, installing tilting runner, equipped with 100t hot metal ladle car for receiving and transporting hot metal;
5   No.1 taphole reusing the existing overflow pool and slag grab crane for BF slag processing, No.2 taphole pumping the water and slag to a pool for filtering, with no dry slag pit;
6   Discharged gas from casthouse dedusting system containing dusts no more than (≤) 15mg/m3, and frequency conversion matching the casthouse dedusting.
The No.6 blast furnace top equipment at Shaogang was entrusted to CISDI Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. for manufacture. For those long-lead-time components and parts, CISDI had made proper arrangement beforehand to compress the idle time before practical construction. Many hands make light work. CISDI’s R&D Center also favored technical supports by organizing a team joining process and structure engineers to optimize the technological process from different perspectives.
Today, the No.6 blast furnace of Shaogang can produce about 3,000t hot metal, with fuel ratio of 510kg/t•Fe and dust concentration in exhaust of casthouse dedusting system no more than (≤) 15mg/m3. As the long-term credible service provider, CISDI devoted to another satisfactory reference for Shaogang to hit the targets of eliminating backward production facilities and boosting effects of energy-efficiency and emission control.
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