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Handan Steel No.4 BF Revamping Started up
2015-01-12 02:34:24
Handan Steel No.4 BF Revamping Started up
Handan Steel No.4 BF

                         Technological renovation services for upgrading overall process and equipment

Handan Steel No.4 blast furnace was blown-in on July 11, 2014, and tapping the next day. It was built by CISDI on EPC basis, resulted in normal operation of various systems and target-hit indicators.

This furnace was initially built in 1972 with an effective volume of 620m3, and expanded in 1997 to 1,000m3, and rebuilt again in 2005 for operation until March 2014. The present technological renovation mainly involved BF proper system, casthouse and its dedusting and partial auxiliaries. CISDI has taken into all the accounts in design of layout and system internal structure and equipment configuration to be favorable for quick revamping at original site and even possible construction ahead of schedule.

 Technical highlights:
o Complete cooling staves for furnace lining, cast-steel cooling staves for high-heat load area;
o Composite ceramic cup and carbon brick for furnace bottom and hearth;
o Flat rectangular casthouse platform with 2 tapholes and tilting runner, assigning 140t iron ladle for receiving and transporting hot metal;
o Bottom filtering for granulated slag treatment process; reusing the bottom filtering basin and slag grab crane; adding granulated slag tank, steam exhaust pipe; transporting the filtered slag by train outboard; no dry slag pit; temporary dry slag tank for handling in emergency;
o Casthouse dedusting system: dust concentration ≤ 10mg/m3~15mg/m3, matched with frequency control.
Production data:
Daily output: up to 3,050t/d, coke ratio: 350kg/t, coal ratio: 160kg/t, dust concentration in discharged fume: 10mg/m3~15mg/m3, leading domestic similar BF ironamking in technology and equipment level
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