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Meishan Steel: Rejection Rate of 1,780mm HSM is Reduced by 61.58%
2014-10-25 02:32:08
Meishan Steel: Rejection Rate of 1,780mm HSM is Reduced by 61.58%

                                             Benefit from CISDI’s Operation Technical Service

The revamped guides for finishing mill F1-F4 of 1,780mm HSM, Meishan Steel was installed at the end of May 2014, and the rejection rate of rolling line was found reduce by 61.58% after commissioning and operation in June. CISDI wins the trust of the Owner by helping the Owner to tackle many difficult problems in production.
The 1,780 HSM of Meishan Steel was put into operation in May 2012, with its finishing block mill designed and supplied by foreign contractor. The oxidization film on work rolls were frequently found peeled during the production, especially when producing pickling coil with thickness less than 3.5mm and non-pickling coils with thickness less than 2.5mm, resulting in frequent roll change and high roll consumption.
CISDI made intensive study on the factors causing peeling of roll oxidization film in June 2013 when CISDI took over the project, and proposed appropriate solutions for existing problems such as guide and roll cooling water, anti-peeling water, interference between rolling oil and peeling water, as well as inter-stand descaling water. Convinced by CISDI competence and diligence, Meishan steel decided to contract CISDI with guide revamping project in EP mode. 
The revamping results are very encouraging according to the Owner. The roll consumption for rolling high-speed steel is reduced by 15%, and the percentage of slabs returned to reheating furnace due to roll peeling is reduced from 0.98% to 0.1% (from 70 slabs half a month before revamping to only 7 slabs after revamping). The rejection rate of hot-rolled strips due to roll peeling is reduced by 61.58% from max. 3.54 before revamping to 1.36% after revamping.  
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