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Slab Caster of Ruifeng Steel Passes Acceptance Test
2014-10-10 02:26:41
Slab Caster of Ruifeng Steel Passes Acceptance Test
Slab Discharging from Caster

                                   Featuring Good Process Data and Stable Performance

Slab caster #1 supplied by CISDI on EP basis for Tangshan Ruifeng Steel successfully passed the Owner’s acceptance test recently.
It is a 4-strand slab caster, designed with capacity of 1.6 mt/a, slab sizes of 150mm x (300-500)mm, 165mm x (650-860)mm, 180mm x (650-860)mm, withdrawal speed range of 0.3 ~ 1.8m/min. Ruifeng Steel intends to improve the product quality and optimize the product mix by updating the process equipment.
With efficient communications and joint efforts from CISDI project team, the Owner, the supervisor and the suppliers, the slab caster successfully passed the hot test-run on May 28, 2014, and the process and equipment was proved with good performance data after continuous production for one and a half month.
The acceptance test was made for production capacity, casting speed, slab quality and equipment operation stability. 30 consecutive heats were produced for steel Q195, with slab sized at 165mm x 860mm, average casting speed at app. 1.0m/min. The measured process data are satisfactory, and the equipment, hydraulic, electrical and ventilation systems run stably.  The actual slab quality data are better than guaranteed, and the middle crack is less than Class 1.0, triangle crack is less than Class 0.5, central segregation less than Class B1.0, central porosity less than Class 1.0.
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