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Baosteel Zhanjiang CCM and HM Starts Construction
2013-11-06 03:13:11

Groundbreaking ceremony of continuous casting and hot mill for Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base was held on August 11, 2013. The CCM project would be designed by CISDI and built with three (3) double-strand slab casters and relevant auxiliary facilities. Concretely speaking, there would have 2 new 2,150mm casters and 1 upgraded 2,300mm casters relocated from Luojing, targeting the annual output of 8.75Mt qualified slabs. The advanced process and equipment would be applied, such as continuous bending and straightening rollers, segments with flexible connecting rods, dynamic soft reduction and dynamic secondary cooling control. The final products would be directed to high and medium levels like sheets for automobile and home appliances, high-strength steel, pipeline steel, boiler steel and shipbuilding steel.

The 2,250mm Hot Mill of Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base would drive Baosteel to have new breakthrough in ultra-wide and ultra-thin high-strength steel products. CISDI would carry on the plant design of the HM, consisting of four (4) state-of-the-art impulse control energy-saving reheating furnaces, sizing press, high-efficiency and -precision hot rolling mill with high level automation control, and skin pass mill in domestically highest strength level. It would produce 5.5Mt/a high-and-medium-end plates as designed, including steel for high-strength container and railway carriage, high-end pipeline steel, and steel for medium-and-heavy truck.
The CCM and HM start was another two major projects succeeding the ironmaking and steelmaking projects under construction for Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base. The 1st major project, Blast Furnace begun on this May 17; as CISDI carried out design of the two 5,050m3BFs, the world’s recognized practical, mature and advanced process and equipment would be preferred for application thereof, the ironmaking patens, know-how, operation and maintenance experience over the past three decades owned by Baosteel and CISDI be systematically combined and integrated, and especially, innovation and promotion be born on the basis of studying Baosteel BF system, which succeeded in BF energy saving, environmental protection and cost control. CISDI would go all out to build this BF as a new-generation flagship of global 5,000m3-level family in the concept of high quality and yield, long life, friendly to environment, and low energy consumption and cost.  
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