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Galvanizing Line of Yodogawa-Shengyu Passes Hot On-Load Test
2013-07-24 02:18:24

                              China’s 1st Hot Galvanizing Line with Dual Skin Pass Mills in Operation

EIC supplied by CISDI Electric Technology Co., Ltd. on EP basis for the galvanizing line of Yodogawa-Shengyu (Hefei) Hi-Tech Steel Co., Ltd. successfully passed the hot on-load test on May 30, 2013.

With annual capacity of 312,000t and line speed of 180m/min, the project is oriented to produce products for high-grade home appliance and implemented with CISDI’s proprietary air knife system and two skin pass mills. Skin pass mills, as core equipment of the line, are most challenging for control. The two skin pass mills can be put into operation simultaneously or individually, mutually back-up to reduce the downtime due to roll changing and increase the line availability.
Coiling and uncoiling is one of the Owner’s big concerns as it is typically the bottleneck for the entire line. Based on max. line speed of 200m/min., the time for coil changing during coiling and uncoiling is quite limited, and automatic coil changing is a must as there is only one coiler. CISDI engineers tried every means to explore the potential for optimization and eventually realized full automatic coil loading and unloading, contributing to less labor intensity, higher productivity, continuous operation and stable product quality.  
With expertise and experiences accumulated from previous cold rolling mill and processing lines, CISDI Electrical Technology Co. has optimized the function of each procedure using standard software architecture and general function program during software design.
The project team tried its best to simulate the commissioning environment during project integration test by building automation system test platform, conducting data communication test among CPUs, between PLC and HMI, data exchange test between PLC and L2 system. The success of integration test helps to significantly reduce the commissioning period on site.
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