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Full Auto Control Realized for BOF Steelmaking in Xichang Steel
2013-02-11 04:31:57

November 9, 2012 witnessed the successful hot test-run of full automation control for two steelmaking converters in Xichang Steel supplied by CISDI Electrics Technology Co., Ltd.

So far, full automation control for lance oxygen supply mode, gas supply mode for bottom-blowing, top blowing mode, charging mode, sublance measuring mode, alloy addition mode and ladle argon blowing mode have been realized. Meanwhile the One-Key steelmaking system function for converters have been expanded, which will contribute to better steel quality and lower material cost.
One-Key automatic steelmaking is a leading and complex technology which requires accurate control of basic automation, no or low equipment failure rate, good material quality, good performance of weight, composition, temperature, pressure and flow measuring system, so automatic steelmaking performance is an indicator of the smelting technology and management skill of the plant.
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