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Handan Steel Stockyard Made Progress Step by Step
2013-02-12 03:46:29
Handan Steel Stockyard Made Progress Step by Step
3-D View of Handan Stockyard
Handan Steel Stockyard Made Progress Step by Step
Ore Yard under Construction
Handan Steel Stockyard Made Progress Step by Step
Scraper Reclaimer

December 1, 2013 witnessed the completion of gable walls closing in the east and west of the Handan Steel Blending Stockyard designed by CISDI, symbolizing the big step forward in the current stage.

The stockyard is revamped without shutdown. It’s difficult in design and construction of quite a few interfaces between old and new systems. The project is phased by 40 more steps in order to avoid interference with ongoing operation. It contains mainly the ore yard, blending yard, and eastern input and output system. Among them, the ore yard is one C-type enclosed stockyard, installing 4-set stackers and 6-set semi-portal scraper reclaimers. The blending yard is one B-type enclosed yard, installing one blending stacker and 4-set blending reclaimers.
It started the construction documents phase in April 2010. As of today, the two banks of ore yard have been put into stable operation for almost 9 months, and the other two banks will be finished construction and operate at the end of December 2013. The enclosed workshop building of ore yard has completed one fourth of the single span in 143m, which will be built as the domestic largest-span steel mesh structure. The building of blending yard is designed in a span of 104m, presently capped the roof, two banks of which have been operated in early 2013 for smoothly delivering qualified blended ores to the sintering plant, a further guarantee to blast furnace production.
The stockyard in Handan Steel is CISDI’s another major milestone in enclosed stockyard projects succeeding those of Longteng in Zhanjiang Steel Base and Pangang Xichang Steel Base. Still as the first mega enclosed environment-friendly stockyard in Northern China, the stockyard in Handan has made technological innovations in thermal insulation of delivery system and taken measures against snow load upon the building structure.
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