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Revamped 1,700mm HSM of Jinan Steel Passes Hot Test
2012-11-23 03:01:21
Revamped 1,700mm HSM of Jinan Steel Passes Hot Test
Revamping (Phase I) Succeed
Revamped 1,700mm HSM of Jinan Steel Passes Hot Test
New Hot Coil Box

The revamped 1,700mm HSM (Phase I) undertaken by CISDI for Jinan Steel on EPC basis successfully passed the hot test run on October 22, 2012.

The revamping is made during two shutdowns. During the first shutdown started from September 10, 2012, following activities were completed: the fly shear proper and supporting facilities were moved forward as a whole by 6m with adaptability revamping; the high-pressure water descaler for finishing mill was moved forward by 6m; intermediate roller table is installed for the extra finishing mill space, and the foundation for the added finishing mill was built without interference with the operation; hot coil box and its supporting facilities were added. 
With the first revamping efforts, the transfer bar head-tail temperature difference at entry of finishing mill is significantly reduced, contributing to higher stability while rolling thin gauge products, better strip thickness control and shape control. The main motor power and rolling mill speed can be reduced as it is not necessary for the finishing block to roll with acceleration. At the same rolling conditions, the slab discharging speed can be adequately reduced to save the reheating furnace fuel and reduce slab scales.
After the two revamping during downtime:
▲     The capacity is increased from 2.5Mt/a to 3Mt/a.
▲     It is capable of producing thin gauge products of less than 2.0mm thick. It can produce 105,000t/a products of 1.2~2.0mm thick, including 20,000t/a strips of 1.2~1.5mm and 8,500t/a strips of 1.5~2.0mm. 
▲     It is capable of producing strips for cold rolling and high grade steel, bring extra profit of app. RMB 50 million to the Owner.
With the startup of the project, the hot strip mill of Jinan Steel will be more competitive with better equipment control & reliability, better product quality and wider range of products.
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