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CISDI’s EP Project - 1450mm 5-roll Cold Continuous Rolling Mill of Zhejiang Concord Steel Develops Smoothly
2012-09-22 11:14:15
CISDI’s EP Project - 1450mm 5-roll Cold Continuous Rolling Mill of Zhejiang Concord Steel Develops Smoothly
Construction Site

No.3 stand housing of the 1,450mm 5-stand cold mill of Zhejiang Xiehe Shouxin Steel Co., Ltd. was successfully installed on the bed plate on May 28, 2012, marking the beginning of equipment erection period.

CISDI and Zhejiang Xiehe Shouxin Steel signed EP contract for 1450mm 5-stand cold mill on March 8, 2011. Scope of supply includes design, manufacture, procurement, transportation, erection, no-load test, hot test and functional test for process, equipment, EIC, hydraulic and emulsion system of the mill.

Output of the 5-stand cold mill is 1Mt/a, main product mix includes carbon constructional steel, carbon constructional quality steel, structural low alloy steel and non-oriented medium- & low-grade electrical steel. Raw materials for mill production include hot-rolled % pickled coil (strip thickness of 2.0 mm-5.0 mm, strip width of 720 mm-1250 mm, coil ID of Ф 610 mm, coil OD of Ф1100 mm-Ф2100 mm, coil max. weight of 28t).
For products by grade, see Table 1.
Table 1   Product by Grade

Cold-rolled products
Thickness    0.25-2.0mm
Width     720-1,250mm
Thickness    0.35, 0.5, 0.65mm
Width     720-1,250mm
Non-oriented medium- & low-grade electric steel.


Regarding product variety, quality, energy saving and environmental protection, the mill features:

1)      Full continuous 5-stand 6-high cold mill.
2)      Mill loop is driven by car winch, single car 6-layer horizontal loop.
3)      The full line is equipped with six CPC systems, one weld detector, tension meter at entry of C1-C5 and exit of C5.
4)      The exit is installed with dual-mandrel coiler.
5)      The mill has combination of wedge and step block for automatic adjustment of the mill elevation.
6)Good capability for thickness control and shape control.
6)      FGC function.
7)      Bearings for work rolls, intermediate roll and backup roll are air-oil lubricated.
8)      The mill is installed with work roll and intermediate roll quick changing device in the stand to reduce roll changing time, contributing to higher availability and less metal loss.
9)      The coiler has sleeve loading function.
10) The mill is designed with strip breakage protection, fault alarming and work roll accurate stop functions.
11) L2 control is provided by cold rolling setup computation model developed by CISDI, which ensures practicability and flexibility by advanced data object design, system architecture design, rich and accurate parameter design. The model has been successfully implemented on 5-stand 6-high cold mill of Tangshan Fengnan Steel.

Since erection in May 2012, the project has been in smooth progress as scheduled, and the test run is envisaged in December 2012.
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