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Hot Test of Heavy H-Steel Mill Succeed in Handan Steel
2012-06-10 04:39:12
Hot Test of Heavy H-Steel Mill Succeed in Handan Steel

March 3, 2012 witnessed the successful hot on-load test of heavy H-steel universal mill in Handan Steel.

Beam blanks of 450mm×350mm×90mm was heated in reheating furnace, and then sent to breakdown mill #2 (passing BD2 and BD1 without rolling) for five reciprocating passes to become the stock for universal mills (U1-E-U2). It was fed into the universal mills for three passes reversible rolling, and then directed into universal finishing mill (Uf) for one pass rolling to become H-steel. The measured section sizes of the rolled H-steel were in compliance with national standard.

This heavy section rolling line was implemented with imported end-in & end-out walking-beam reheating furnace, 3-stage high-pressure water descaling, universal rolling process, 3-stand universal roughing mill and universal finishing mill and new-generation CCS impact mill, featuring high operation flexibility, higher product quality & accuracy, long service life and low operational cost. BD1 and bD2 are developed, technically integrated and supplied by CISDI, which is the largest breakdown mill in China. With largest roll size of F1,350mm, barrel length of 2,300mm and mill net height of 8,445mm, the breakdown mill can handle rectangular blooms of 325x280mm and beam blanks of 750x370mm. The beam blank/bloom caster was also designed by CISDI, which was successfully hot commissioned on Dec. 15, 2011.

CISDI will actively assist in subsequent hot on-load test of mills for heavy rail and other section steel.

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