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BF#3 of Yanshan Steel Starts Operation (Engineering by CISDI)
2012-04-15 04:18:25
BF#3 of Yanshan Steel Starts Operation (Engineering by CISDI)
Start-up of BF#3 of Yanshan Steel

Yanshan BF#3 (2,560m3) designed by CISDI was successfully blown in on March 15, 2012, and hot metal was successfully tapped next day.

This blast furnace is of thin wall design, with all cooling staves. The furnace stack is cooled by zone and the cooling water is eventually connected to upper stack. It is implemented with some CISDI proprietary technologies, including top-combustion hot stoves with high blast temperature, ceramic burners and high-temperature piping, to allow BF average blast temperature reaches 1,250°C and designed life reaches 25 years. The hot metal is transferred in 180t hot metal ladle (without reladling) by railway to charge directly into converter, contributing to less land occupancy. CISDI slag granulation process layout and high-level steam emission will help reducing steam’s corrosion to BF while reducing slag granulating water demand due to natural steam condensation. 

It is the first BF sized over 2,000m3 in Hebei province for private steelmaker.

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