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CISDI Develops Operation Terminal for IPAD
2012-03-25 04:04:20
CISDI Develops Operation Terminal for IPAD

Automation commissioning of “CISDI top de alto-forno laboratory platform” was completed in Dec. 2011, and is now under technology test.

CISDI made bold innovation to the user operation device during the design and commissioning. IPAD (of Apple Inc.) was incorporated with HMI software to serve as operation terminal for automatic control of top de alto-forno distributor. This terminal not only saves costs but also offers a refreshing experience in operation. The operator could use light-weight IPAD instead of heavy desktop PC and walkie talkie for equipment operation. This is especially suitable for equipment featuring complicated movement and requiring philosophy demonstration, such as alto-forno gear box. Furthermore, the free control by user can help enhancing their understanding of the equipment.

This application will be promoted by CISDI in its EPC projects. For production line patrol inspectors, they can combine the macro-data monitoring with field micro-data to achieve better judgment for equipment status. For operators in central control room, they can monitor the production line status real-time at any time and any where.  For plant management personnel, they can understand the information about product output, material consumption and storage for better decision-making.

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