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CISDI CAE Simulation Technology Received Good Recognition
2012-03-20 03:58:12
CISDI CAE Simulation Technology Received Good Recognition

CISDI was invited to Formosa Plastic Group (FHS) for CAE simulation technology promotion from Jan. 8 to 11th, 2012. During this visit, CISDI experts presented their expertise in iron-making, steel-making, rolling mill and material handling. Specific to iron-making, parametric software for hot stove combustion realized numerical simulation, cold/hot modeling test and test data integration; concerning steel-making, logistic simulation and MES integration predicted the emergent conditions or accidental incidence, which offered reference to production scheduling; regarding to rolling mill, failure of hydraulic double-acting cross shear would be diagnosed to remit the pressing problem on site; in logistic domain, the initial simulation of large stock yard (in the order of 10mt/a) made profits by saving 1.5km conveyor and over 30,000 m2 floorage.

Detail introduction and discussions had been made on project background, CAE technology trend and calculation result analysis & meaning based on CISDI’s R&D achievements in “ultra-high blast temperature top combustion hot stove”, “VD/VOD vacuum package”, “coupling algorism of gas-solid two-phase flow”, “high-effective laminar cooling”, “dedusting study in the plant” as well as “logistic optimization in iron & steel base”.

This technical exchange helps FHS to have a profound understanding of CAE simulation’s role in reducing design cost and production risk through on-line predicting product performance as well as identifying design defect or production bottleneck. Recognized CISDI’S capability of CAE technology in metallurgical field, FHS raised several technical demands and consignments during the meeting. Corresponding CISDI is working on the relevant study.

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