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CISDI Awarded Engineering Contract of Nanjing Steel Wide and Heavy Plate Mill Project
2011-03-23 04:48:15
CISDI Awarded Engineering Contract of Nanjing Steel Wide and Heavy Plate Mill Project
Commencement Report Meeting for 4700mm Heavy Plate Mill of NISCO

On March, 18th, 2011, CISDI was awarded engineering contract of 4700mm wide and heavy plate mill project of Nanjing Iron & Steel Group Co.

The project, as one of core technical revamping projects of Nanjing Steel for energy conserving & emission cutting and product structure adjustment, is built under mode of integration of domestic technology and introduction of key equipment like order dishes with designed capacity 1.6Mt/a.

The advanced production and equipment technology of the mill line covers: slab hot charging and direct hot charging technology, walking reheating furnace technology with intelligent pulse combustion control, heavy duty mill design technology, mill roll quick-change technology, high-frequency response HAGC control technology, HAWC control technology, continuous camber profile control technology, TMCP rolling technology, production technology of thickness varying plate, rectangular rolling technology (or MAS), advanced L2 model and automatic control technology, descaling technology in rolling mill subarea, forced rapid cooling technology, efficient forced fully-hydraulic straightening technology, rolling cut type shearing technology, finished steel plate on-line size detection technology, automatic electromagnetic ultrasonic inspection technology, non-oxidation heat treatment technology, full digital AC drive control technology and computer automation information management technology etc. (20 items in total).
Innovative Process and Equipment Technology
While ensuring that 4700mm wide and heavy plate production line of Nanjing Steel can reach world class, CISDI has, in view of prevailing problems on wide and heavy plate production line, developed innovative process and control technology aimed at improving plate surface quality and plate profile as well as reducing production cost.
·Defect-free Surface Quality Control Technology
1) On-line slab quality detection technology
2) Intelligent pulse combustion control technology
3) Efficient rough descaling technology with variable-frequency control
4) Intermediate air mist cooling technology
5) Refined descaling technology
6) On-line plate surface quality detection technology
·On-line Heat Treatment Technology
1) On-line TMCP + residual heat tempering
2) On-line direct quenching + off-line tempering technology (on-line tempering is reserved)
·No-stress steel plate production technology
1) Steel plate pre-leveling technology
2) New accelerated cooling technology
3) Warm leveling
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