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CISDI Signoff Jigang 1700mm HM Main Line Revamp EPC Contract
2011-01-22 10:38:48
CISDI Signoff Jigang 1700mm HM Main Line Revamp EPC Contract

January 17, 2011, CISDI was contracted the 1700mm HM Main Line Revamp project on EPC basis for Jinan Steel (Jigang).

The HM is assigned with the objectives of improving equipment level, control and reliability, and production quality and variety, at last, bettering the market competitiveness of thin sheet. Main products: thin (below 3.0mm) sheets for production of downstream cold mill and high-quality hot mill commercial products.

To that end, the advanced technologies are:
▲Renovation of hydraulic system and automation system: to realize edger roll’s automatic width control (AWC) and short stroke control (SSC), improve strip width accuracy;
 ▲Mobile mandrel-free hot coil box: to realize thermal insulation and soaking of intermediate work-piece, favorable for production of thin strips and high-tensile steel, meanwhile saving finishing energy consumption and production cost;
▲Addition of Finishing Mill F0: 4-hi non-reversible HSM to be matched with work roll bending and shifting devices and hydraulic screw-down;
 ▲New work roll bending and shifting system for existing finishing mill F1~F6: to dynamically regulate strip’s camber and flatness, forming pretty good strip profile by closed-loop control;
▲Modification of laminating cooling system to local intensive laminating cooling as well as control system: to improve cooling capacity and effect;
▲Update of process automation (model), optimization and completion of basic automation control software:
    1) Roughing Mill equipped with AWC and AGC, to guarantee width and gauge control accuracy;
     2) Finishing Mill equipped with advanced profile and gauge control system, and finishing temperature control, to guarantee strip dimensions accuracy, profile and finishing temperature;
     3) Laminating cooling model: to precisely control strip’s coiling temperature.

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