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CISDI Awarded EPC Contract of Hanzhong Steel of Shaan Steel Group
2011-02-10 10:34:12

Application of CISDI-SACS Bottom-suspension Converter and CISDI’s Multiple IPR Technologies & Equipment

CISDI was awarded the steelmaking EPC contract of Hanzhong Steel of Shaan Steel Group Co., Ltd.. on February.
The Projects consist of one new melting and casting workshop, incl. 1-set KR hot metal De-S device, 2-stand 120t converters, 2-set inline argon-blowing wire feed stations, 1-set 120tLF with double work stations and supportive utilities. It can produce qualified cast slabs 2.91 million tpy for main products for building steel and medium plates.
     CISDI will put into use multiple self-developed technologies and equipment, mainly including:
                   - KR hot metal stirring desulphurization;
                   - One-ladle hot metal supply process;
                   - CISDI-SACS bottom-suspension converter;
                   - Single-loop independent control bottom-blown system; oxygen lance anti-falling mechanism and  quick  change device;
                   - Slag treatment process by combining rotary drum and stew to powder process;
                   - Flexible lifting device connected with movable hood, such patented technology to be used for low-pressure hot water circulating system of converter evaporative cooling;
                   - Supersonic alloy spray-coating technology for movable hood and flue at converter mouth where heated much;
                   - CISDI patented micro-overheated accumulator;
                   - CISDI IPR-owned dry-process primary dedusting technology.
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