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Yieh Phui (China) CAL Started Up
2015-08-20 11:38:17
Yieh Phui (China) CAL Started Up
Startup of CAL for Yieh Phui (China)
Yieh Phui (China) CAL Started Up
Initial Batch of Coils as Produced by the CAL for Yieh Phui (China)

                     1st high-end, -strength and -speed CAL with domestic technological leadership

CISDI took the technological leadership in the continuous annealing line (CAL) for Yieh Phui (China) Technomaterial Co., Ltd. It was proven a successful wide-strip continuous annealing line, the first built under domestic engineering company’s technical holistic responsibility and self integration. Except for the welder and circular shears, all the other equipment including the annealing furnace was designed and supplied by CISDI, so were the electric control, software programming and commissioning of the whole line.
The CAL boasts designed capacity of 520,000t/a of CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, SEDDQ and HSS in specification of 0.23mm~2.5mmx800mm~1,650mm. The line can reach the maximal speed of 320m/min at its process section, and the strongest strength of 780MPa for its DP and TRIP products. In particular, it accommodates not only the width requirements of covering beyond 90% automobile sheets and all household appliances sheets, maximally up to 1,650mm wide, but also the thickness requirements, varied from the thinnest 0.23mm to the thickest 2.5mm by a ratio up to 10.87.
CISDI put multiple innovative technologies integrated, such as high-precision tension control (±2%), high-strength fast cooling (59℃/s•mm cooling efficiency), excess heat recovery, efficient pulse combustion enabling digital management at temperature zone, efficient cleaning (98% reflectivity on sheet surface), powerful dual-tower looper and stabilized control, digital-production achievable L2 and reserved L3 interface. As responsible as it is, CISDI has promised to provide all the key technology and solutions to all the annealed products, a confident guarantee for smooth production thereafter.
Since its startup, the CAL of Yieh Phui (China) has produced about 10,000t sheets, demonstrating sound operation of equipment and satisfactory quality of product shape and mechanical performance. Good service for Yieh Phui (China), a wholly-invested mainland subsidiary by E United Group in Taiwan, will help CISDI to be known for its contribution to the state-of-the-art line worldwide.
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