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CISDI Cut A Brilliant Figure in Turkey’s I&S Market
2015-09-05 11:29:01
CISDI Cut A Brilliant Figure in Turkey’s I&S Market
HBS Rebuilt for No.1 BF of ERDEMIR
CISDI Cut A Brilliant Figure in Turkey’s I&S Market
Turkish Delegation Visit to CISDI-designed BF Site at Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base

On August 26, 2015, ERDEMIR Iron & Steel Co. in Turkey and CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd. (CISDI for short) in China signed a package supply contract for the new internal-combustion hot blast stoves (HBS) of ERDEMIR’s No. 1 blast furnace in volume of 1,850m3 and with hot blast temperature of 1,250℃. It is CISDI’s 2nd chance for serving ERDEMIR since CISDI had been awarded the package supply contract for HBS of ISDEMIR’s No.2 BF in 2014.

As one of the best domestic and international engineering and package supply companies, endeavoring for ISDEMIR’s HBS rebuilt project in 2014, CISDI dispatched competent teams to Turkey for multiple presentation of proficient technology, references and application effects, and clarification of optimized proposals which were culminated from CISDI’s abundant experience in stove rebuilt and tailor-made solutions to the limited modification space, reuse difficulties in shell and framework and civil structures of ISDEMIR existent steel plant, the subsidiary of ERDEMIR. Reliable technology and performances made CISDI eminent among the 10 bidders, thus unlocking her access to ERDEMIR. Successively, CISDI took the sound momentum to win another package supply contract of ERDEMIR for its new stoves by virtue of CISDI’s satisfactory design proposal and technical indicators. Both projects for ERDEMIR enriched the references of its kind and laid the solid foundation for CISDI to exploit and consolidate its market share in Turkey and other related regions. Furthermore, CISDI is closely conscious of and actively involved in ICDAS and TOSYALI steel enterprises’ upstream blast furnace systems, expecting a positive display in expansion of steel production in Turkey.
Mini-mill process with UHP EAF-CC had been the main steel production mode of Turkey’s steel enterprises; however, with the continuous price upswing and more difficult purchase of scrap, Turkey steel enterprises have to tide over such challenges by using hot metal for substitute of scrap so as to reduce the cost and push forward the transformation from mini-mill process to integrated mill process with upstream BF- BOF-CC. To that end, CISDI has stressed on interaction with Turkish clients and national mechanisms, and contributed its experience and technology to upgrade Turkish iron and steel industrial technology and production. In fact, CISDI boasts references of over 70 RMHS (raw material handling system), 170 BFs and 100 BOFs on E, EP, EPC basis, and distinctive expertise in overall planning and consulting, logistics optimization. It’s believed that CISDI can provide satisfactory services for Turkey’s such transformation process. In July 2015, a Turkish delegation of 21 people composed by CIB, MATIL national lab and major steel enterprises paid a visit to CISDI and conducted in-depth discussions on transformation of mini-mill to integrated mill, RMHS, BF, EAF smelting by charging hot metal, plant-wide energy-conservation and environmental-protection, and other system technologies. Through the physical understanding of CISDI’s R&D Center, core equipment manufacture base and typical demonstration projects, Turkish delegation further recognized CISDI’s strengths in engineering, research and development and construction, and enhanced confidence in cooperation with CISDI for win-win results. The memorandum between MATIL national lab and CISDI was signed for R&D partnership in prospect.
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