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Baosteel Zhanjiang No.1 BF Blown-In
2015-10-10 11:21:51
Baosteel Zhanjiang No.1 BF Blown-In
Blow-in Ceremony of No.1 BF at Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base
Baosteel Zhanjiang No.1 BF Blown-In
Hot Metal Tapping of No.1 BF at Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base

                  Targeting world’s representative mega BF, CISDI undertaking E & partial P

At 9:25 AM on September 25, 2015, when Baosteel celebrated its 30th anniversary of blast furnace startup, the No.1 blast furnace at Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base was held the blow-in ceremony. The kindling fetched from the No.4 BF at Baosteel Shanghai ironmaking plant lit up the torch at 10:12 AM and the hearth of No.1 BF was immediately ignited by that torch, hot air blown in.
The No.1 BF at Zhanjiang Steel Base was designed by CISDI with 5,050m3 volume, expecting for serving one campaign of 22 years and producing hot metal of 4.115Mt/a. It was involved in partial procurement by CISDI, maximizing the self-relied design and integration of ironmaking process, equipment and technology.
Aiming for building it a world’s representative mega blast furnace, high-quality and -efficiency, long campaign, environmental-protection, energy and cost saving, CISDI brained out of the over-30-year experience and innovatively arranged the two sets of stockhouse, water pumps and central control rooms for both No.1 and 2 BFs in their respective buildings in centralized way, minimizing the space coverage among the same volume level of BFs. CISDI made multiple optimizations of general layout to match the afore-said centralized arrangements. CISDI was encouraged to use the home-made BCQ top, blower, TRT unit and cast-iron cooling staves for the first time for the 5,000m3-level BF, and deliver the top-combustion stoves and gas cleaning system on EP basis for the first time for the 5,000m3-level BF. CISDI paid much attention to the energy efficiency and environmental protection aspects and hereby carried out the most-demanding design and equipment in terms of relevant criteria.
The Zhanjiang No.1 BF was started piling in May 2013 and all-round construction in that September; during the two years of frontline struggles, CISDI engineers specialized in ironmaking, thermal power, power supply & distribution, civil, water supply & drainage had stationed long at site. They are heroes overcoming difficulties in climate and geology, tight schedule, hard construction and long-distance equipment delivery. Efforts repay! The high-quality technology and services and the spirit of CISDI light up the No.1 BF and win the praise from the client and partners.
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