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CISDI Awarded Design Contract for TATA No.2 BF, the World’s Largest BF as of Today
2015-11-10 11:04:37

Succeeding the Master Plan services for TATA Steel Limited (TSL) KPO Greenfield Plant in May, CISDI was awarded the design contract for TSL KPO’s No.2 blast furnace on Oct. 20, 2015. It signified a major breakthrough of CISDI’s exploration of Indian steel market and an evident proof of CISDI’s ironmaking strength.

The No.2 BF at TSL KPO Greenfield plant will boast the world’s largest designed volume of 5,860m3, becoming the first main process unit reference to be independently completed by CISDI for Indian client. Since early this year, CISDI had seized every opportunity to enhance inputs in key Indian clients; among them, multiple top-level talks had been held between CISDI and TSL, demonstrating the convincing competence in master plan, consulting and engineering design which had been delivered by CISDI to the outside world. During the process of building mutual trusts, CISDI elaborately organized bidding teams to TSL for introducing BF design proposal and responding to client’s requirements and doubts. At last, CISDI was chosen as the BF designing company, surpassing the noted fellow candidates from Britain, S. Korea, Italy and Luxembourg. The 15-month hard efforts won through.
The opportunity of serving TSL, one of India’s steel giants enjoying the longest history and the highest management level, has boosted CISDI’s morale for meeting the challenges by applying the reliable and advanced technologies.
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