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CISDI Playing Due Role in Baosteel Landscape Engineering
2015-04-07 02:53:29
CISDI Playing Due Role in Baosteel Landscape Engineering
Landscaping of Zhanjiang Steel Base
CISDI Playing Due Role in Baosteel Landscape Engineering
West Block Landscaping for Baosteel Compound

Thanks to rich experience in steel industry and multi-disciplinary collaboration, CISDI has undertaken multiple landscape engineering projects for Baosteel and played her due role in answering the call for higher environmental-protection threshold set in national steel restructuring policy. To harmonize steelworks into healthy urbanization does entail resolved and pressing renovation on landscape and plantation therein.

 Holistic Improvement of Bayi Steel Landscape 
 Marching along with the westward expansion of urban Urumchi, Bayi Steel initiated its comprehensive environmental protection act in 2011, landscape renovation included. CISDI worked out satisfactory proposals for the landscaping based on earnest understanding of client’s requirements.
Zhanjiang Steel Landscaping
 Early 2014, CISDI was contracted landscaping project for Zhanjiang Steel Base, which required about 490 hectares landscape area among the 12.98km2 steelworks coverage. Such landscaping would be focused on all the roads, public squares, production administration blocks and swamped parks.
Well knowing that excellent landscaping can be conducive to steelworks’ environment and economic and social returns, CISDI has been endeavoring in fusing landscape into production processes so as to support Baosteel in its low-carbon ecological aspiration and fulfilling social obligations. Projecting the concept of harmonious coexistent among landscape, culture and ecology, CISDI’s proposal has been approved by client and furthered with all landscaping of the steel base from planning to construction documentation.

West Block Landscaping for Baosteel Compound
In virtue of comprehending Baosteel plant-wide general layout and transportation and unit processes in an area of 21km2, CISDI was,in August 2014,entrusted the landscaping projectwithin Baosteel compound, namely, the block upstream ironmaking, Gate No.9 surrounding, and No. 1 Meltshop slag disposal rebuilt.

By employing design concept of fusing steel with urban life, CISDI has made scientific analysis on production unit distribution and environmental status quo, and drawn the region-wise landscape proposal with triplex priorities, ecology, popular science and greening. For instance, around the area of Gate No. 9 would be built eco-forest shelter belt, engendering green lands serving production and leisure. When that concept comes true, Baosteel compound would be greatly beautified; more importantly, an optimal eco-link and cultural exchanges could be fashioned between a steel courtyard and urban surroundings.

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