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ISDEMIR Stove Revamping in Turkey Contracted
2015-04-01 02:30:02
ISDEMIR Stove Revamping in Turkey Contracted
Baosteel External-Combustion Stove
ISDEMIR Stove Revamping in Turkey Contracted
GA Internal-Combustion Stove
ISDEMIR Stove Revamping in Turkey Contracted

                               Package supply export of CISDI internal-combustion stove technology

Isdemir No.2 stove revamping project was contracted to CISDI on EP basis, under Erdemir Group, the biggest steel group in Turkey. Through rounds of hard competition with 20 other companies, CISDI got the order by her trustworthy stove technology, references and reputation.

CISDI will export her internal-combustion stove technology and equipment for Isdemir’s such three stoves for 1,450m3 blast furnace, targeting 1,250℃ blasting temperature after the systemic renovation and technological upgrading. CISDI will make all the efforts to overcome the difficulties in old plant space limit and shell and framework civil construction. 

  Link: Ultra-High Blasting Temperature Stove

Highly competitive in high-temperature and long-campaign stove technology, CISDI has owned more than 30 patents and proprietary technologies in external-, internal- and top-combustion stove, complete BFG-fired high blast temperature and stove’s unsteady heat transfer model. 

 CISDI-developed top combustion stove is featured by high combustion efficiency, uniform distribution of fume and small variation of temperature. Ten such stoves have been applied for China’s Desheng Steel, Shuicheng Steel, Yanshan Steel and other plants.

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