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CISDI Flawless Mold Passes the Test in Liuzhou Steel
2014-07-15 04:57:48
CISDI Flawless Mold Passes the Test in Liuzhou Steel
Chamfered Mould in Operation

On-line function test for CISDI proprietary flawless mold (CFM) was made in slab caster No.4 of Liuzhou Steel on April 22, 2014. 

The copper plates on narrow side of conventional moulds are typically of flat plane design, consequently the molten steel in the mould corners will solidify in two-dimension cooling mode, resulting in non-uniform temperature distribution in shell surface, and hence transverse cracks at the corner. This phenomenon is particularly serious when casting steel grades containing micro-alloy elements. To tackle this problem, CISDI set up a team in 2012 to explore the means to change the angle between mould narrow-side copper plates and broad-side copper plates from 90° to abtuse one in order to increase the temperature at strand corner, so as to achieve uniform temperature distribution on strand shell surface, eliminating the crack at strand corners and contributing to much better strand quality..

Slab caster No.4 of Liuzhou Steel has produced totally 206 heats since its successful hot test in April 22. CFM reliability and practicality have been verified by casting a variety of grades. It is also demonstrated by the macro-examination results provided by Liuzhou Steel that CFM can greatly improve the strand quality of steel grade containing crack-sensitive element.

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