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CSN-UPV: Wire Rod Line Succeeds in Passing Hot Test
2014-04-20 03:04:34
CSN-UPV: Wire Rod Line Succeeds in Passing Hot Test
CSN Wire Rod Production Line

March 24, 2014 (local time in Brazil) witnessed the successful hot test run of wire rod line for steelmaking and long product production line in UPV, CSN. CISDI supplied EP package and commissioning for the full line. The billets sized 150mm × 150mm × 12000mm passed through rough mill, intermediate rolling mill, pre-finishing mill and wire rod finishing mill to be rolled into plain wires of Ф10mm and then sent to the laying head, loose coil cooling & conveying line, reforming station, transfer car till the coils hung at C-shaped hooks in P&F conveying line.

The production line is designed with capacity of 500,000t/a, being a typical wire rod and bar production line. The main rolling line consists of 6 roughing mills, 6 intermediate rolling mills, 6 pre-finishing rolling mills and 10 wire rod finishing mills (totally 28 mills). The first 18 mills are common for both wire rods and bars production, featuring good production flexibility and wide product variety. The products of wire rod line range from Ф5.5 to 16mm, and the products of bar line range from Ф8.0 to 32mm.

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