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CISDI Environment-friendly Stockyard Showcases World’s Top Technology
2014-01-28 02:47:03

The project of “study and application of comprehensive technology of environment-friendly stockyard” developed by CISDI were approved as one of China’s scientific and technological achievements on August 28, 2013. It got comments that the environment-friendly stockyard demonstrated advanced technology and eminent performance, generally internationally advanced and worthwhile promotion. 

CISDI’s environment-friendly stockyard is catered technologically for varieties of iron and steel bulk raw materials, quantities of consumptions and users. It initiated Style B, C, D, E and combined styles of bulk material storage solutions in this profession. It enabled the enclosed storage of all the bulk materials for iron and steel enterprises to come true, thus filling the gap in study of friendly-to-environment storage of metallurgical bulk materials worldwide. 
CISDI’s environment-friendly stockyard is showcased with dominant results in environment protection, and less energy, consumption and land use, and stable production as well as lower operation cost. Compared with the traditional open stockyard, CISDI’s such innovative stockyard can decrease the flying dusts by 85%, land use by 40~60%, material loss by 50~85%, and water sprinkling on bank surface by over 80%. All these advantages will create significant economic and social returns.
CISDI’s environment-friendly stockyard technology has been applied to FORMOSA Ha Tinh Steel (FHS), Baosteel Zhanjiang Base, Pangang, Handan Steel, Baotou Steel and Hanzhong Steel. Among them, the Longteng stockyard for Baosteel Zhanjiang Base was China’s 1st Style B enclosed stockyard for iron and steel industry, Pangang stockyard the China’s 1st all-material enclosed stockyard, Handan Steel No.1 mechanized stockyard the global 1st online upgrading of metallurgical open stockyard in environment-friendly manner and also the world’s largest-span enclosed stockyard.
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