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CISDI Inks Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Siemens (China)
2013-08-10 02:02:09
CISDI Inks Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Siemens (China)
Signing Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Siemens

July 22, 2013 witnessed the signature of an agreement between CISDI and Siemens (China) for strategic collaboration in industrial sector. Xiao Xuewen, chairman of the board of CISDI , Wu Hele, deputy executive president of Siemens (China) delivered speech in the signature ceremony. Yu Zhaohui, president of CISDI, and Wu Hele signed the agreement on behalf of CISDI and Siemens (China) respectively. 

Siemens values the strategic collaboration with CISDI, and hopes to seek more opportunity for close collaboration with CISDI in product, technology and equipment field in new market scenario. 

CISDI has worked together with Siemens for over ten years, and the first strategic collaboration agreement between both parties was signed as early as 2005. The latest agreement further expands the scope of electrical automation products for collaboration and deepens the technical cooperation. This move will be of great significance to the both parties’ common goal of presenting leading automation solution with higher flexibility and better quality control to customers in metallurgical industry. 

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