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CCTS to be Verified in Production
2012-08-30 11:24:54
CCTS to be Verified in Production
CCTS (CISDI Central Technology Control System)

A prototype of CCTS independently developed by CISDI has been manufactured and passed software integration tests in cold-rolled plate shape controller, thermal lab of Weiyuan Steel and controlled rolling lab of Chongqing University of Science & Technology recently, and will be implemented in hot mill revamping project of Jinan Steel for production verification.

CCTS (CISDI Central Technology Control System), an embedded high-performance controller based on real-time operation system, can satisfy the rigorous requirement of complicated process system (rolling mill, CCM, processing line) on distribution, real-time and control precision.
In software integration test, CCTS has undergone several tests such as 72 hours continuous power-on operation, multi-task test and multi-stand communication test, without any irregularity, and the min. task operating cycle reaches 0.2ms, inter-stand communication speed is 40mb/s. This prototype has been sent to Beijing for 72-hour high/low temperature test and humidity test, and the results shows that the controller is strongly adaptable to the environment.
It is now applying for two patents and two copyright. The subject is estimated to be concluded and accepted in September.
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