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CISDI Proprietary No-bell Top is Successfully Tested
2012-09-20 10:58:13
CISDI Proprietary No-bell Top is Successfully Tested
Test Platform of C-type Distributor
CISDI Proprietary No-bell Top is Successfully Tested
C-type Distributor

The 1:1 test of CISDI’s blast furnace no-bell top has been completed recently. It is a proprietary no-bell top developed by CISDI, with C-shaped distributer as its core equipment which is different from any other design in the market. To verify the performance better, CISDI has made a 1:1 test platform.

In the five months from Dec. 2012, the distributor was tested for basic functions, performance in hot condition and top distribution.

1) In basic function test, distribution function (single-ring, multi-ring, spiral, segment, fixed-point distribution) and control accuracy of the distributor were tested. The control accuracy of tilting angle of the distributor is within±0.1°

2) In hot test, C-shaped distributor was tested at normal top temperature and high top temperature. The bottom heating fume temperature is up to 732°C, and the distributor kept working for 30 minutes at temperature over 700°C. The results show that the distributor functions well in high temperature; the lubrication and cooling system work well without blockage or other problems.

3) In top distribution test, nearly 100 distribution simulations were made, parameters including material flow track, burden profile, distribution roundness, pile top radius and height, and characteristic curve of material flow control gate are tested and studied.

The test shows that CISDI no-bell top work well in terms of segregation control and the C-shaped distributor is reliable in operation and make good substitute for existing BF distributors. The distributor also shows leading performance in tilting control accuracy and adaptability to high top temperature.
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